“REGGIE ATE A CARROT stick at supper  unbelievable!!!!!!!!!”

“Hi Jenny, sorry I haven’t been giving updates, it’s been busy with Caleb’s birthday and party etc. Caleb now goes to sleep on his own and most nights he’s sleeping through, if not he wakes up once and goes back to bed on his own. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hi Jenni- I think you have changed my life. Followed routine since call, & Rosie had 100ml formula at 5pm. I breast fed her at 7 and she has gone down- I cannot believe it. Completely different baby! I am so grateful! Thank you.”

“Hi Jenni

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know how marvellously sleep training has worked for us and Rem!! From last week doing 30 minutes of rocking and singing before bedtime and then all again 2 -3 times a night, He now goes down at 7 without a peep and sleeps without a stir until 530am!! It’s heavenly. By day 2 he just moaned for 30 seconds when we put him down and day 3 he gladly grabs his bunny and rolls over in his cot  thanks so much! This is wonderful!”

I am stunned at this sleep training! Flippen rocks
Nikki (mum of 5 1/2 month old)

“Well, where to start! I have not only had the pleasure of The Berea Baby Clinic guiding and helping me through my first baby, but I have been a part of this awesome family. I say that, as you always feel like you are genuinely cared about – for all 3 of my blessings. And to say that I would not have had the courage or strength to do it on my own. I am TRULY grateful to each and every special person who helps, cares and guides us MOMS!!! a Massive THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! If you aren’t part of this family – I’m not sure how you are coping!!!
(proud and ‘still with it’ Mom of Allera 13, Tanna 9  and Tristan 2 – thanks to The Berea Baby Clinic)”

“I have been taking my little girl to The Baby Clinic for our weekly/monthly consults since she was born. Honestly, sometimes it was more of a therapy session for me, as being a first time mom has its challenges. Danelle was always there for us no matter what time of day. She was only a phone call away.

The Baby Clinic was not only a place for me to get my baby weighed and vaccinated, it was a place for me to let out a tear or five when things weren’t going smoothly. All the advice given worked perfectly. Danelle’s warm, caring nature makes baby and mom feel comfortable and we really enjoyed every consult. I’m not sure how I would’ve made it through without them!”

“I would recommend The Baby Clinic to all future moms and dads. The emotional support was overwhelming from when we started at 32 weeks until now with Harvey being 15 months old.
The first 4 weeks of having a new born was the hardest thing we have ever done and we had an “easy” baby. We will be forever grateful for their assistance during those tough weeks.
Danelle made me feel like a super mama! We have also made life long friends with our amazing antenatal group and still meet each other regularly.
Thank you Danelle and Jenni”

“What I loved most about seeing Danelle at The Baby Clinic was that she empowered me with options, choices and advice tailored specifically for me, my baby and my way of thinking.  She made me feel as though she heard me specifically and understood the specific needs of myself and my little one before offering advice.  The visits with Danelle really helped me to feel confident as a mom.”

“The Berea Baby Clinic was a fantastic source of information to me as a new mum. They were always happy to answer any questions I had after hours. I have already recommended them to several other mums.”

“The great team at The Baby Clinic have always made us feel so welcome from our very first antenatal lesson to our check ups! We are so grateful for all the guidance and care that Danelle has supported our family with – always available to offer advice and comforting me with all my queries about Ben – really making our clinic visits and injections a good experience.”

“Going through the process of being a mum for the first time with the guidance of Jenni and her team at The Baby Clinic, was like being wrapped in a big, warm, cosy blanket. Nothing is too much to ask. Their professionalism never falters and they guide you without taking away the ability of your own maternal instincts to lead the way. Even the most paranoid moments are met with such grace.  I couldn’t recommend them more to any expectant mums out there.”

“We have used the services of The Jenni Johnson Baby Clinic with both of our special little humans.  Danelle is known in our household as ‘The Baby Whisperer’.  Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and available.  I cannot recommend them enough.  If your baby doesn’t come with a manual, you need The Jenni Johnson Baby Clinic.”

“I don’t know how I would have survived those first few months without you!
You held my hand through the journey and made it such a happy and memorable experience.

“Jenni, I cannot thank you enough for today’s consultation. I was feeling pretty desperate and you have totally realigned my mind. I feel confident again. I look forward to speaking to you again when Robi is 9 months.

I wish more people knew about you, I will certainly sing your praises.”

“Each visit with Jenni has left me feeling empowered as a mother. Jenni’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable when raising my precious babies.” – Kelly Chrystal, mom of Lyla and Jack…“. 

In my family Jenni is known as The Baby Whisperer. If you do what she says, the results are amazing! I first met Jenni through a friend, the week before my daughter was born. I never knew about the services that she offers. I had my first appointment with The Baby Clinic when Sam was 7 days old. What a relief! Sam slept through from 4 months, no dummy from 6 months, eats cucumber, veggies, meat and carbs (no problem). She has just turned 2, we have successfully weaned her off bedtime bottle and morning bottle and my step by step potty training guide from Jenni is making this stage easy! I just wish I’d known about Jenni before I did ante-natal classes elsewhere! It’s like when you find a hairdresser that always cuts right – Jenni is the baby Whisperer who always gets it right!“.

Jenni has been such a blessing in my life. She has guided me through my first year of motherhood with such care, love and compassion. She is wise and knows her stuff. You wouldn’t drive a car without lessons. Jenni is that as far as babies are concerned. She has helped every step of the way. Thank you Jenni!“.

From day one I could not wait for my appointment with Jenni. Being a first time Mum is scary (well for me it was). I followed Jenni’s advice every step of the way from breast feeding, to sleep routines, to eating, to when baby is ill, to even my well-being! My little angel girl slept through from 2 months, had her naps in the day exactly at the times Jenni indicated and ate like a super star. Emily is 2 and a half now and I still make an appointment to see Jenni just to go through a couple of concerns that I have and I walk out feeling great, patting myself on the back because my Emily is doing great and all is on track! And because Jenni says so! If there are any first time Mum’s reading this now, make contact with the Baby clinic because you will never look back, it is the best thing I could ever have done. “.

I joined Jenni’s ante natal classes at the end of 2008. I then joined the baby clinic in January 2009 when Rudolf, our first son was born. We did not know much about babies. Jenni was my saving grace. Every visit to the clinic made my day. I lived by Jenni’s rules and it worked for me and Rudolf. We relocated to Bloemfontein where Willem was born in Feb 2011. This meant no Jenni. Willem was a difficult and challenging baby. He didn’t stop crying for 8 months and after consulting with numerous specialists and him being misdiagnosed with silent reflux, we had him tested for everything possible, with no luck. I was at my end when I decided to email Jenni. It wasn’t even a day when she phoned me back. She told me that she suspected Willem is allergic to the protein in milk and she recommended that I try this milk called Pepticate. The first night after giving him this milk, Willem slept through. I was almost in tears! I can highly recommend Jenni to any parent. She is the best there is!“.

“Jenni gives me fantastic advice in a friendly, open and honest environment. I am not afraid to ask any questions,  as Jenni always makes me feel totally comfortable. Her routine is easy to follow and gives us a structure which is welcome in otherwise chaos.”

“Both my ‘babies’ Ava and Owen Botha are Jenni says babies… Couldn’t have done it without all of Jenni’s advice and guidance living abroad in Ireland. Baby no 3 on the way and will still be using Jenni! Thank you”.

“Hi Jenni, Trish here, I just wanted to say THANK YOU because we had such a good day with the routine. Olivia went to sleep on her own in her cot today and she’s taking the dummy! Yay! You are my hero. (Mother of 2 month old Olivia)”