My name is Jenni Johnson. I have been a practicing child-care practitioner since 1997. I own a busy ante and post natal clinic and teach a system that has given parents structure and routine to the baby and childhood years.

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I have a nursing background and am a registered nurse, midwife, psychiatric nurse and private nurse practitioner. I see 35 babies a week each for 3/4 hour and have always felt a need to reach out to more new parents but could not, simply because there are not enough hours in a day! …and that is how this online clinic came to be.

Through the years I have had many clients from all over the world, they phone me and I teach them whatever is appropriate for their baby at that time all with huge success. I mentioned a few years ago to one of my ‘Mum’s’, who was living overseas at the time, that I would love to be able to be able to help more people and to take my work with me wherever I might be. That ‘Mum’ was Kerry Maskell and she put the initial concept together for me. Kerry is one of many success stories and there is no greater reward than changing someone’s life over-night!

From the one month old baby who hadn’t stopped crying from birth, to the mum who was so unsure about everything, to the year old child who had never eaten a finger food, to the 19 month old toddler who had never slept for longer than an hour at a time this programme is dedicated to all of you and to every child I have ever met because you have all taught me everything I know.

I believe I can help anyone who needs some direction, consistent advice, routine, understanding and nurturing. I put the same amount of passion into my on-line consultations as I do if you were sitting across a table from me. Join my programme, free yourself from worry and love the rewards that a child gives…..I’m here to support you all the way.

Kerry says: When I met Jenni for the first time I was living in London and was in Durban on holiday with my three month old son who refused to sleep during the day unless I put him in the pram and went for a walk (be it in the cold or in the shopping centre!). A friend of mine put me in contact with Jenni who gave me really practical advice and taught me her programme for a 3 month old.

Within 3 days of practicing the programme, my son was sleeping not only at the times Jenni had recommended but for the exact length of time she had suggested. From that day on, Jenni continued to help me through each month and stage when I went back to London, and helped me to structure his routine so that both he and I were happy. Jenni even gave me advice on preparing home cooked baby food that was easy to do even though I worked full time. When my daughter was born in London 2 years later, Jenni helped me from the day I got home from the hospital to get her feeding and sleeping habits right.