Personal advice for babies, toddlers and children from Jenni Johnson: Successful Childcare Practitioner and Registered Nurse

  • “REGGIE ATE A CARROT stick at supper  unbelievable!!!!!!!!!”

  • “Hi Jenny, sorry I haven’t been giving updates, it’s been busy with Caleb’s birthday and party etc. Caleb now goes to sleep on his own and most nights he’s sleeping through, if not he wakes up once and goes back to bed on his own. I can’t thank you enough.”

  • “Hi Jenni- I think you have changed my life. Followed routine since call, & Rosie had 100ml formula at 5pm. I breast fed her at 7 and she has gone down- I cannot believe it. Completely different baby! I am so grateful! Thank you.”

  • “Hi Jenni

    I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know how marvellously sleep training has worked for us and Rem!! From last week doing 30 minutes of rocking and singing before bedtime and then all again 2 -3 times a night, He now goes down at 7 without a peep and sleeps without a stir until 530am!! It’s heavenly. By day 2 he just moaned for 30 seconds when we put him down and day 3 he gladly grabs his bunny and rolls over in his cot  thanks so much! This is wonderful!”

  • “Jenni gives me fantastic advice in a friendly, open and honest environment. I am not afraid to ask any questions,  as Jenni always makes me feel totally comfortable. Her routine is easy to follow and gives us a structure which is welcome in otherwise chaos.”